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At CoverThis Photography, I am about offering you, the customer, the best possible package at the most reasonable price. I offer Portrait Photography, Event Photography and/or Videography, Photo Retouching, Slide Show Construction, and much more. However, I am also all about thinking outside of the box, and am more than willing to work closely with you to develop a package that suits your needs perfectly.

Wedding Photography Packages


  • Up to 4 hours of shooting time:
    Including the Ceremony and Reception
    As well as candid and formal shots of bridal party and guests after the ceremony.
  • Private on-line proofing gallery of the images for sharing with family and friends (including sharing on many social networking sites).
    Large prints and keepsakes can be purchased at-cost through these galleries as well.
  • CD of 4x6in quality JPEGs of the wedding (300dpi, 24bit, high-quality JPEGs) with full-resolution images available for (free) download out of your private proofing gallery.
  • Basic touch-ups and creative processing.


  • Everything in the CoverThis Package, with the addition of:
  • Up to 6 hours of shooting time:
    Including final preparations before wedding.
  • Photo-Guestbook.
  • Disc of 8x10in quality JPEGs of the wedding (300dpi, 24bit, high-quality JPEGs).
  • Up to 6 hours of advanced touch-ups and creative processing, with 2 additional hours of client requested and approved processing.
  • DVD Slide-Show of of your wedding with reproduction rights.


  • Everything in the CoverMore Package, including:
  • Up to 8 hours of shooting time:
    Including secondary photographer.
  • DVD(s) of all culled images of your wedding, including full-resolution processed JPEGs, as well as un-modified Camera RAW files, with full reproduction rights.
  • Up to 8 hours of advanced touch-ups and creative processing, with 4 additional hours of client requested and approved processing.
  • A professional 8.75×10.25 hard-cover, full-bleed, photo album of your special day.
    Maximum of 40 two-sided pages (more available for a fee)

There is a minimum 50% deposit within 30 days upon hire.

All photos captured and processed digitally
On and off-site backups for a minimum of 2 years (actual back-ups may be stored longer).
Packages are negotiable and can be customized to fit your wedding, contact me for more details.
Discounts and promotions are available where applicable, sign-up for our newsletter to receive updates.

Senior Portrait Photography

When you are hitting your last year of High School, it’s all about your Senior Portrait; you want the best, you want to capture who you are, and you want to have fun doing it.  At the same time, your Mom and Dad are thinking about college, and they don’t want to have to break the bank just yet.

Enter CoverThis Photography, full featured, friendly, creative, and cost-effective.  Just want a quick walt-and-shoot down Main St?  We can do that.  Need to have someone make sure your hair is ‘just so,’ shoot 4 different looks, and travel from Eastport to Portland to catch the sunset at Head Light?  Sure, we can work something out, just give us a call.  Prices are reasonable, service is great, and you’re sure to capture what makes you, you.

Senior Ambassadors

CoverThis Photography is doing a limited Senior Ambassador trial-run.  If actually getting paid for your Senior Photos sounds like a good idea to you, send us an email and we will send you an application.

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