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July 16th, 2012

CoverThis Photography and Summer 2012

Recently I have received a number of inquires as to updates and photos for events CTp traditionally covers over the Spring and Summer seasons, and I wanted to address these questions in one fell swoop if I may.

As with most photography studios, our season of choice here at CoverThis Photography is Summer. When the birds come out and the flowers… well, flower… business kicks in to gear. This year, however, CoverThis Photography must take the season off to focus on family health and recovery.

Fear not, however, all of the events that CTp has covered in the past are still being covered in the interim. What businesses/individuals are filling in for CTp, I do no know, but I do know that things are still Covered.

I know that some events are being transparent about this, but judging by some of the messages I have received, there are a few who are not relaying this information on to their patrons. I have not been informed of any of this information, and unfortunately my only advice is to contact your promotor/event directly if they have not published who their Photographer or Videographer is/was this season. If you find out, please feel free to post any information you have gleaned in the comments below, I am sure there are more people who would be interested in such information as well.

Again, I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Have a safe, fun, and healthy summer.

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan
April 2nd, 2011

CoverThis has a new Studio!

For years, CoverThis Photography has billed it’s self as an “On-Location Photography Studio,” bringing the lights, backdrops and equipment needed to the doorstep of the client. This has been a great process that has worked well for quite some time. I have had the pleasure of traveling to and seeing quite a bit of the state of Maine and New Hampshire, and I wouldn’t trade the hours spent on the road for anything. And while we will continue to provide the to-the-doorstep service as we have, this summer has brought a change that will forever change the way CoverThis does business.

This past September saw the soft opening of CoverThis Photography’s new studio, located in the main lodge in the heart of beautiful Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick, Maine. Our new location, long since retired as a source of gifts, food and refreshing treats at Thomas Point, provides CoverThis Photography with anything and everything one could ever want for a beautiful outdoor photography session, within footsteps of the studio door. Beautiful Thomas Bay, including Thomas Point Beach it’s self, and pristine marsh area, rolling fields (both manicured and wild), wooded groves, props of all nature, and miles of wooded trails are all at our finger tips, as well as a fully-stocked indoor studio, for when ultimate control is a must.

The new CoverThis Photography Studio By the Bay at Thomas Point Beach truly redefines “versatile.”  I invite you to contact CoverThis Photography for Senior, Family and Professional Portraiture, as well as Events and Wedding Photography.  You are sure to join the ranks of the many satisfied customers CoverThis has worked with over the years.

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan
December 14th, 2009

In the oven…

In the ovenIt’s been quiet around here lately, I’m more than OK with admitting that, but that’s not going to be the case for long. I have a few things in the oven that will be going live right around the New Year. What have you got to look forward to in the Year of the Tiger besides 365 glorious days? Let’s see:

  • CoverThis Photography Tips and Tricks
    These nuggets of worldly knowledge will span a broad range of topics from Wedding Dos and Don’ts, to Hobbyist Tricks, to this that and the other.
  • CoverThis Photography Guest Bloggers
    Well where do you think all this knowledge is going to be coming from? I am fairly well versed, but I also beleive utilizing my resources. Friends, Family, and even fellow visitors will be welcome to contribute content in 2010, hopefully fostering a deep and wide availability of information for all of us.
  • A NEW CoverThis Photography Newsletter
    You may have noticed a newsletter sign-up form to the right there, underneath recent post thumbnails, well that is going to be you ticket to monthly updates, and slick little deals and promotions. Be sure to get in on the ground floor and sign up, well, right now!
    This is something I haven’t done enough in the past, but New Years are all about changing things up! I cover a fairly good range of events, and some of those events might be something you are interested in, so why not save money when ordering photographs? In the 2010 season I will be covering Pageants, Rodeos, Concerts and more. Can’t catch me at an event, but want to get great pics at great prices? Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates when new galleries go live, and what coupons could save you bank!

Basically, check back, your going to see a whole new CoverThis Photography come the new year, and you DO NOT want to miss it!

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan
September 6th, 2009

TPB buries the… Capsule?

It was a good run folks,

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30 Years of good old fashioned Family Fun and Bluegrass Music, transforming a humble campground in Brunswick, Maine into one of the better known Bluegrass Festivals in America, has come to an end. This weekend marked the end of an era at Thomas Point Beach, and to commemorate the event people turned out by the droves to share their little piece of the story that was the TPB Bluegrass Festival. It was emotional, hysterical, and incredibly nostalgic.

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Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan
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