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CoverThis Photography is Michael Mulligan. And Michael Mulligan is CoverThis Photography.

I’ve got the same story as most of my peers:

I’ve been shooting since I was in High School. I entered college for “this” or “that” (Broadcast Communications, in my case), but things didn’t feel quite right. It didn’t take me long to figure out where my true passion was (Photography, duh), and when I got that straightened out, all was right with the world. I currently attend NESCom (not really a “Photography School” by definition, but I have created a very specialized course-load) in Bangor, Maine.

As I said, I started shooting for pleasure in High School in ‘02. I got a “big break” in ‘06, when I started shooting officially for the Miss Maine (America) Scholarship Pageant. Since then I have shot pageants in Maine, New Hampshire, and the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although I ’started’ in pageants, I do not limit myself to pageants in the least. I have shot photos and video for Weddings and Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, I shoot Portrait photography, Corporate photography, and small Venue-Events. I’ve covered events from as close as across the street from my house (literally, Thomas Point Beach), to half-way down the East Coast, to all the way across the Country (Miss America, in Las Vegas, Nevada). I also do Graphic and Web Design as beLine Perspectives.

Basically, I try not to limit myself to anything in particular, and will entertain just about any project to come my way.

Examples of my work can be found in the Samples Gallery, which is expanding constantly, and don’t count me out based on precedent. If you have a project in mind that I haven’t done before, feel free to Ask. Chances are we could work something out, and if we can’t, I probably know someone who can.

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