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CoverThis Photography and Summer 2012

Recently I have received a number of inquires as to updates and photos for events CTp traditionally covers over the Spring and Summer seasons, and I wanted to address these questions in one fell swoop if I may.

As with most photography studios, our season of choice here at CoverThis Photography is Summer. When the birds come out and the flowers… well, flower… business kicks in to gear. This year, however, CoverThis Photography must take the season off to focus on family health and recovery.

Fear not, however, all of the events that CTp has covered in the past are still being covered in the interim. What businesses/individuals are filling in for CTp, I do no know, but I do know that things are still Covered.

I know that some events are being transparent about this, but judging by some of the messages I have received, there are a few who are not relaying this information on to their patrons. I have not been informed of any of this information, and unfortunately my only advice is to contact your promotor/event directly if they have not published who their Photographer or Videographer is/was this season. If you find out, please feel free to post any information you have gleaned in the comments below, I am sure there are more people who would be interested in such information as well.

Again, I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Have a safe, fun, and healthy summer.

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan

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