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TPB buries the… Capsule?

It was a good run folks,

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30 Years of good old fashioned Family Fun and Bluegrass Music, transforming a humble campground in Brunswick, Maine into one of the better known Bluegrass Festivals in America, has come to an end. This weekend marked the end of an era at Thomas Point Beach, and to commemorate the event people turned out by the droves to share their little piece of the story that was the TPB Bluegrass Festival. It was emotional, hysterical, and incredibly nostalgic.

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I am not really any good at strong poignant writing, so I will keep it short and simple… If you missed out on this event over the past 30 or so years… You really missed out. This festival is responsible for marriages, children, original music, fire-dogs, even a small religion or two. It was a life-shaping event.

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September 6th, 2009 was in honor of 30 years of hard work and family fun. I would also like to congratulate Pati Crooker for winning 2008 Event of the year (for the 29th annual Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival) which she if considering putting in the capsule as well, and for her upcoming Distinguished Achievement Award!

Time Capsule Ceremony Photographs.

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan

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