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A life lesson…

You can be told many things by friends and family, but there are just some things you need to learn on your own to really grasp.

One of those things is the importance of regular back-ups.

Not of photos and personal documents, people usually grasp that fairly quick out of the gate. I am talking about the less obvious things, things you take for granted due to assumed security and false promises. I am talking about your website content.

The webhost I was previously with seems to have gone under. Their main page is still up, but they are unresponsive in any channel, and they have taken a liking to dropping customers accounts with out notice. I was recently one of those customers. Luckily I had regular backups of my web design and template, but in the event of being cast to the curb, I failed to have backups of the itsy bitsy words and content of my site, and thus, after changing to a backup host, I am left with what you see here.

So, for the next few days/weeks, I will be adding content BACK to my website, and oh so much more. I will take this opportunity to expand the site, and finish little parts I had let slip the first time.

I will also be making backups, you know, just in case…

[For clients: My images are on a different collocation server with nightly backups and redundancy across the country. In addition I maintain three backups of culled photos in separate locations, as well as at the office. Client photo backups are not lacking in any way, and the server debacle here did not effect availability of those memories]

Michael J Mulligan
Michael J Mulligan

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